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Mindful Kids Initiative


AdaptAbility Yoga is starting a YouTube channel to join the conversation (#meditationmondays) about meditation for children, youth and those with disabilities so that we can strengthen the community and build awareness about the importance of meditation for the children and youth in Canada and beyond.

We want to bring the knowledge, information, tools and interviews to those who are teaching, or curious about, meditation for children and youth with disabilities so they join our supportive community and have easy access to all things kids & meditation. Every Monday AdaptAbility Yoga will release a vlog and, each week we’ll be choosing a new topic to discuss (ex. The 4 Basics of Meditation, Meditation & Autism), sharing a unique meditation, reviewing a meditation program, app or book or answering audience Q&A etc..

AdaptAbility Yoga has worked with organizations including ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development, Camp Concord in the City and Purple Carrots Drama Studio and it is our mission to bring our growing audience - made up of yoga teachers, special education teachers, parents, caregivers, support staff and professionals (including physicians, physical therapists and psychologists) -together as a collective and help them find the best resources and education in one place so they can best develop a meditation practice with their kids, students, patients and staff. We’re excited to bring them all together and make a difference in the lives of thousands of professionals and the many thousands of children they support.

Is your company or organization looking to support the cause? Do you value the benefits and importance of bringing meditation to children and youth across Canada and beyond? Would you like the join the conversation? Are you looking for a cause to sponsor? Contact Us and send a link to your company or organization and we’ll respond within 3 days of receipt of your email.