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Kelowna, British Columbia

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Class Offerings

AdaptAbility Yoga is a mobile yoga class: We Show up Where You Are and bring the joy of yoga to you!!!

We believe yoga and meditation should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. So, we show up where you need us most. Whether you are a rehabilitation centre, a therapy centre, a school or day program. If you have the space, we'll make it special :)

Yoga helps students gain self-esteem, build body-awareness, learn emotional regulation, increase social skills development, practice physical fitness and improves overall confidence. 

Our foundation classes mix yoga, dance, games, imaginative co-creation and FUN so that learning happens naturally!

A Yogi Start

30 minute Class

Everyone starts at the beginning!
So, if you’re looking for a yoga class suitable for younger ones, first time yoga participants, or individuals who need gradual introductions & time limitations, this is the class for you!  
Yogi Start classes are 30 minute sessions which incorporate yoga poses into a theme and imaginary adventure. They introduce the concepts of yoga and movement in an engaging and interactive manner!

Growing Practice

45 mintute Class

For the yogi who's past an introduction, but not quite ready for the full hour, our 45 minute class is the perfect fit for a growing practice. These classes have adventure, challenges and imagination waiting for students! Mindfulness and meditation are added to the end of every session!  

Our Yoga Time

60 minute Class

We all need some time to have fun, learn something new and unwind! Let's do that together!!Our Yoga Time is a 60  minute group session which uses themes and imagination to further develop an individuals yoga practice and experience the benefits of mindfulness, movement and resilience.Best suited for individuals who do well in groups with small to medium class sizes (ex. 5 to 20 people), can follow instruction independently or with a support staff aid.

Private & Event Offerings

Private Sessions

1:1 Yoga & Mindfulness

Introductory program best suited for individuals who function better with 1:1 attention and support. A great way to slowly introduce students to yoga and get individualized programming.

Family Class

Families up to 5 people

Bring everyone together for a fun family session that teaches partner yoga, games, fun movements and ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into daily routines.


Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops

Do you love a child with special needs? Do you sometimes feel like you need a support system filled with a calm approach? Consider our parent and caregiver workshops. These 4-week sessions act as a gentle introduction to yoga and mindfulness while also connecting you to similar families for support! 

Special Event


Have a fundraiser, open house, family appreciation event? We're available for special event bookings. You bring the people and we'll bring the fun!